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By Wendy Friesen

The entire consultant to grasp the paintings of hypnotic seduction, stimulate your lover with erotic hypnosis scripts, and unlock sexual dysfunction--Hypnotize Your Lover- Deeper. The publication that might educate you the paintings of hypnotic seduction, how you can hypnotize your lover for erotic adventures, and triumph over sexual disorder. This re-creation has extra scripts and tales and concepts for developing the hypnotic experience you're looking for. (Book only--cd or audiotape offered separately.)

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Anything you wish! I will list the basic parts of a typical induction or ceremony, for you. This will include what you do and what you say to your lover. The procedures used in this book will be at night before both of you go to sleep. However, you can administer these suggestions at any time during the day. " Tools For A Great Induction Pre-hypnotize your lover. What does he/she wish to accomplish during this session. Remember that you told your partner that he/she will "relax deeply all night along and awaken tomorrow feeling full of energy," at the very beginning of the exercise in Chapter 3.

You may want to insert a prescription at the end of each paragraph in the story. Regardless of where you place them, repetitions of the positive suggestions are necessary in order to create permanent change. You can keep the positive hypnotic prescriptions close to you as you read the book to your lover. That way it will be handy when you need to insert a suggestion or two. Plan D Exercise1. Read Me A Story. Instructions Have your lover pick out a story. Get your hypnosis prescription written down and close by your books.

In the case of relaxation, you may tell your partner something like this: "Picture yourself relaxing. (PAUSE) See yourself relaxing. Feel yourself deeply relaxing and in control. (PAUSE) When you awaken from hypnosis you will be relaxed and in control. " Part 2. Advanced Hypnotic Techniques For Your Pleasure Chapter 5 Plan B. Its Your Turn, Oh No, Its Yours! " It sounds too easy, doesn't it? But the fact is William Jame's statement is true. I remember high school graduation day. Who ever forgets that day?

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