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By Henry Veltmeyer (ed.)

This ebook of essays is written in honour of James Petras, in attractiveness of his highbrow achievements and political interventions—his steadfast ideas, extraordinary scholarship, striking writing and uncompromising commitment to the preferred struggles of thousands the world over. In acceptance of his life of major contributions and crucial position within the international fight for social justice, the authors of this assortment, each one a number one pupil in his personal correct, tackle one of the most serious problems with our time: these of imperialism, problem and sophistication fight. those concerns permit the authors to spot either the ‘the enduring verities and modern face of capitalism’ and James Petras’ contributions to their paintings and that of others.

Contributors are Berch Berberoglu, Tom Brass, Ronald H. Chilcote, Raúl Delgado clever, John Bellamy Foster, Hannah Holleman, Ashok Kumbamu, Fernando Leiva, Stephen Lendman, Morris Morley, Michael Parenti, and Henry Veltmeyer.

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See also Tariq Ali and Phil Evans (1982). 3 Appraisals of Trotskyism in Latin America include sympathetic details by Campos (1981). Hodges (1974), Mandel (1979), and Munck (1984) along with a comprehensive history by Alexander (1973) that lacks in the detailed analyses of political ideas and ideological divisions within the Trotskyist movement elaborated in Hodges and Munck. 4 It is not my intent to exaggerate the importance of Trotskyism. Alan Wald suggests that US Trotskyism, established in 1928, has become exhausted but that as Stalinism fades, a revision may be a possibility.

Some of the new thinking was attributable to ideas of Leon Trotsky, who spent the later years of his life in Mexico and incorporated Latin America into his thinking about the world. I came to know some intellectuals who were influenced by Trotsky. I was influenced by the early writings of Silvio Frondizi (1947, 1957, 1960) in Argentina, Guilhermo Lora (1977) in Bolivia and Luis Vitale (1968) in Chile. Over twenty years I corresponded with Lora who shared his writings with me, and occasionally Luis Vitale and I were in touch (I sent him Isaac Deutscher’s trilogy (1954–1963) on Trotsky after he had sent me his book indicting the Frei administration that landed him in prison.

For the First National City executives and their associates the problem is the disintegrating state of the Chilean economy the frightening spectacle of a 400 per cent inflation rate” (Petras, 1975a: 784). The posterior evolution of this conflict would bring a significant realignment within the military Junta, leading to the exit of Air Force Chief General Gustavo Leigh, Pinochet’s consolidation as primus inter pares and the predominance of the Chicago Boys over policy making, all factors that were to make Chile the pioneer in neoliberal led capitalist restructuring.

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