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63 TLFeBOOK Who holds the ultimate responsibility for binge drinking? Most of the recent debate about binge drinking has been centred on what the drinks industry does or does not do to dissuade people from drinking too much too quickly. Retailers and manufacturers have been accused of encouraging binge drinking through irresponsible advertising and promotions. Central and local government have accepted some responsibility by launching initiatives designed to curtail binge drinking, often in conjunction with the drinks industry and the police.

3 million litres in 2003). Belgium, France, Germany and Japan are all predicted to show reductions in market volume between 2004 and 2008. 8 million litres by 2008. The spirits market is benefiting from the consumer drive towards premium products at mass market value. In such a highly saturated and competitive market, it is essential that new products stand out on the shelf. Flavoured spirits are showing more positive prospects in terms of consumer acceptance and interest. In September 2004, The Absolut Spirits Company announced the launch of Absolut Raspberri, the sixth addition to the Absolut Vodka family.

The publication of the AHRS was the culmination of a steadily growing weight of public opinion against the worst elements of drinkers and the drinks industry. A MORI poll for the drinks industry watchdog the Portman Group, conducted in 2000, indicated that two-thirds of the British public felt that binge drinking was a major problem. 58 TLFeBOOK But solving the problem is not easy. 3 million and the British drinks industry is a major provider of jobs, either directly or indirectly. The British Beer & Pub Association claims that pubs and bars alone employed 518,000 people in 2003.

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