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By Ajahn Sumedho

This ebook is compiled from talks given typically in 2001 via Ajahn Sumedho; they impart an intuitive knowing of the Buddha's educating which has arisen from over 35 years of perform as a Buddhist monk. This procedure begins with accepting ourselves as we're, no longer as a few perfect of whom we predict we must always be. through doing this a leisure can happen that creates area for perception to come up. Meditation can suggest every kind of items. it is a note that incorporates any form of psychological practices, reliable or undesirable. For his half, Sumedho capacity meditation as centering, that experience of building, resting within the middle. the one method that you possibly can fairly do this isn't really to attempt and give it some thought and examine it; you'll want to belief in precisely an easy act of recognition, of knowledge.

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Intuitive Awareness 37 When we bind ourselves to these conventions and these illusions, then of course we’re troubled because these are so unstable and not in line with Dhamma. We end up wasting our lives around trying to increase this sense of identification, the sense of, “It’s mine, it belongs to me and I want to protect it. ” On and on like this, into future lives and the generations that follow. We create a whole realm of illusion, personality and identity with the perceptions that we create in our minds, which arise and cease, which have no real core to them, no essence.

The more we try to get rid of personalities, the more confused we get. ” It doesn’t get anywhere — ridiculous. It’s not a matter of getting rid of, but of knowing. Be a personality then; really intentionally be one; take it to absurdity. That’s a lot of fun. Take your personality to where it’s totally absurd and listen to it. Your relationship is not one of identity but of recognising that one is creating this personality, this changing condition. I can’t create any kind of personal perception that lingers, that stays.

Of course you’re going to damage yourself trying to make your body do what you want before it’s ready; it’s pretty dangerous! Intuition is also knowing the limits of your own body, what it can take. It’s not just wilfully making it do this and do that according to your ideas or ideals of what you want it to do, because, as many of you know, you can damage the body quite badly through tyrannically forcing it to do something. Yet mindfulness (sati-sampaja¤¤a) includes the body and includes its limitations, its disabilities, its sicknesses as well as its health and its pleasures.

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