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5943) / Third Interim Report, 1961. Oireachtas rep. 179). Rep. p. April 1961. Interim, Second Interim, Third Interim and Final Reports, 1962. Oireachtas rep. 1 of 1962, (Pr. 184), 242 pp. Rep. p. July 1961. The Minister for Local Government submitted to the Committee the draft of an Electoral (Amendment) Bill with explanatory notes. The various parts of this scheme, which does not necessarily represent the views of the Government, are set out in the interim, second interim, and final reports together with the Committee's comments and recommendations.

Additional rep. 117, 5 pp. F. Fahy Dail rep. ) The previous proposals are partly rescinded in that it is now agreed that the Vice-Chairman should also wear a gown when deputizing in the Chair. This should be distinguishable from the Chairman's gown. Rep. of the Dâil Cttee. on and privileges, 1947. 119, vii pp. F. Fahy procedure rep. ) Following a sharp debate on 2Uth April 19^7, two Deputies left the House and a challenge led to a short fight in the top lobby. As this was unpremeditated and feelings in the House had been running high, the apologies of both are accepted.

Norton, W. M. O'Sullivan, J. Ryan, P. Smith. "That the Seanad Electoral Panel Members' Bill, 1937, be referred to a Special Committee... " Interim Report (in English and Dail rep. 94), Hi Irish). pp. Requests the Dâil to extend the period within which to report back to December 1st. Special Report, and Irish) Däil xxiv pp. with proc. (in rep. Minister for Industry and Commerce) and Flinn (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for GOVERNMENT Finance). These are recorded in the proceedings. The Committee failed to reach agreement on either matters of principle or of detail and has decided not to go ahead hut to report the Bill hack to the House.

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