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By Edward B. Blanchard

This is often the basic source for aiding sufferers do something about the discomfort of this distressing affliction.

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If no to 2) do you occasionally have abdominal pain, or discomfort or tenderness? 1 = yes, 0 = no - (If no to 3, then patient does not have IBS. ) 4. , pain, discomfort, tenderness), use his or her term for all of the next questions. Over the last year, how often was abdominal pain present? (Check one) Constant Daily - Weekly Monthly Other Over the last 2 weeks, on about how many days was abdominal pain present? No. of days - On about how many days was abdominal pain a problem? No. of days Now, ever since you have had IBS, about how frequently has abdominal pain been a problem?

1 = yes, 0 = no - 14. (If yes) describe 15. Do you ever have times when you feel as if you should have a bowel movement and sit on the toilet for awhile but nothing happens? 1 = yes, 0 = no - 16. (If yes) elaborate V. BLOATING 1. Do you ever have feelings of being bloated, or excessively/uncomfortably full, or that your abdomen is enlarged or protruding? 1 = yes, 0 = no - 2. (If yes) over the last 2 weeks, how many days were you bloated? - 3. Now, ever since you have had IBS, about what percentage of time has bloating been a problem?

Elaborate. 5. Overall degree of interference (Interviewer Rating) 1. None-very mild - 2. Mild-noticeable - 3. Moderate 4. Severe ~ 5. Debilitating - 40 IBS: PSYCHOSOCIAL. ASSESSMENT AND TREAWENT Part 2- Psychosocial Factors in IBS Reinforcing Factors (1) Does your GI problem frequently prevent you from engaging in certain activities? 1 = yes, 0 = no - Using the following scale to answer the next 3 questions: (Give client Card #1) 1 = don’t know 2 = know, but don’t comment 3 = express concern, offer no help 4 = express concern, offer help 5 = don’t express concern, don’t offer help (2) How do members of your family respond to your problems?

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