Learn Python the Hard Way (2nd Edition) by Zed A. Shaw PDF

By Zed A. Shaw

It is a very newbie booklet for those that are looking to discover ways to code. if you happen to can already code then the ebook will most likely force you insane. It's meant for those that don't have any coding chops to accumulate their abilities prior to beginning a extra certain publication. The second version gains five new routines, fixes and updates to almost each workout, and 3 of the hot workouts train you to create an easy net software because the ultimate a part of the publication.

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Download e-book for kindle: Core Python Programming (2nd Edition) by Wesley J. Chun

The whole Developer's consultant to Python

* New to Python? The definitive advisor to Python improvement for skilled programmers
* Covers middle language positive aspects completely, together with these present in the most recent Python releases—learn greater than simply the syntax!
* study complex themes reminiscent of average expressions, networking, multithreading, GUI, Web/CGI, and Python extensions
* comprises brand-new fabric on databases, web consumers, Java/Jython, and Microsoft workplace, plus Python 2. 6 and 3
* provides hundreds of thousands of code snippets, interactive examples, and useful routines to reinforce your Python skills

Python is an agile, powerful, expressive, totally object-oriented, extensible, and scalable programming language. It combines the facility of compiled languages with the simplicity and swift improvement of scripting languages. In center Python Programming, moment version, major Python developer and coach Wesley Chun is helping you examine Python speedy and comprehensively that you should instantly be triumphant with any Python project.

Using sensible code examples, Chun introduces all of the basics of Python programming: syntax, gadgets and reminiscence administration, facts forms, operators, records and I/O, features, turbines, blunders dealing with and exceptions, loops, iterators, practical programming, object-oriented programming and extra. when you examine the center basics of Python, he indicates you what you are able to do together with your new abilities, delving into complicated themes, corresponding to common expressions, networking programming with sockets, multithreading, GUI improvement, Web/CGI programming and lengthening Python in C.

This version displays significant improvements within the Python 2. x sequence, together with 2. 6 and tips for migrating to three. It includes new chapters on database and web buyer programming, plus insurance of many new subject matters, together with new-style periods, Java and Jython, Microsoft place of work (Win32 COM buyer) programming, and masses extra.

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Symbolic computation is using algorithms and software program to accomplish special calculations on symbolic mathematical expressions. It has characteristically been the shield of monolithic computing device algebra structures. SymPy places its energy inside effortless succeed in of all Python programmers, simply an import assertion away.

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Construct your personal app-store-ready, multi-touch video games and functions with Kivy! approximately This BookLearn find out how to create basic to complicated practical apps fast and simply with the Kivy frameworkBend Kivy based on your wishes through customizing, overriding, and bypassing the integrated services while necessaryA step by step consultant that gives a rapid and straightforward creation to video game improvement for either machine and mobileWho This e-book Is ForThis e-book is meant for programmers who're happy with the Python language and who are looking to construct machine and cellular purposes with wealthy GUI in Python with minimum difficulty.

Get Lean Python: Learn Just Enough Python to Build Useful Tools PDF

Study purely the basic points of Python with out cluttering up your brain with gains you'll by no means use. This compact booklet isn't really a "best technique to write code" form of booklet; really, the writer is going over his most-used services, that are all you must understand as a newbie and a few means past. Lean Python takes fifty eight Python equipment and features and whittles them right down to 15: as writer Paul Gerrard says, "I have not came upon a necessity for the remaining.

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Let's start by importing a few objects. py, rather than in the notebook's input! magic import (Magics, magics_class, line_magic) import numpy as np 2. We create a RandomMagics class deriving from Magics. This class contains a few configurable parameters: @magics_class class RandomMagics(Magics): text = Unicode(u'{n}', config=True) max = Int(1000, config=True) seed = Int(0, config=True) 36 Chapter 1 3. We need to call the parent's constructor. seed or None) 4. max)) 5. register_magics(RandomMagics) 6.

Python is typically slower than C because of its interpreted and dynamically-typed nature. ff The data in a NumPy array is stored in a contiguous block of memory in RAM. This property leads to more efficient use of CPU cycles and cache. There's more... There's obviously much more to say about this subject. Our previous book, Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, contains more details about basic array operations. We will use the array data structure routinely throughout this book.

How to do it... 0! 1. py file. This file will contain the implementation of our custom kernel. py, rather than in the notebook's input! pyplot as plt from io import BytesIO import urllib, base64 40 Chapter 1 2. getvalue())) 3. Now, we write a function that parses a code string, which has the form y = f(x), and returns a NumPy function. strip(), _numpy_namespace, {'x': x}) 4. For our new wrapper kernel, we create a class that derives from Kernel. 0' language = 'python' # will be used for # syntax highlighting language_version = '' banner = "Simple plotting" 5.

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