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By Shirley Andrews

Publish 12 months note: First released in 2004

The mysterious civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis develop into fact as Shirley Andrews, the writer of Atlantis: Insights From a misplaced Civilization combines information from students, scientists and the revered psychic Edgar Cayce. Her sober portrayal of demanding parallels among the religious decay of Atlantis and our smooth international, and her average reasons for the brilliant goals and prior existence stories stated through many people approximately lifestyles at the misplaced lands increase this attention-grabbing book.

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The waking state. n The 'blue-lidded daughter of Sunset'. 64. 24 This perfection is the Perfect-ion. See Cutts of the Shadow, chapter 8. 25 See remarks on Coph Nia in Nightside of Eden and the Typhonian Trilogy. 22 62 Magical Mannikins Outside the Circles of Time 63 change through corruption or putrefaction. It comports cer­ tain magical techniques of necromancy involving the astral body and the kalas of the entranced priestess. , the milking of the third eye or subtle vagina of the priestess. The mystical symbol of this process is the vampire bat which hangs upside down in the sleep of satiation induced by its repast.

In his wakeful state he is therefore further removed from the source than when he is dreaming. It should here be understood that dreaming does not necessarily comport sleep; there are daydreams as well as nightdreams. The one factor that clearly distinguishes dreaming from thinking is the es­ sentially volitional quality of the latter. e. subconsciousness). Lovecraft's great con­ tribution to the occult lay in his demonstration-indirect as it may have been-of the power so to control the dreaming mind that it is capable of projection into other dimensions, and of discovering there are doors through which flow-in the form of inspiration, intuition, and vision-the genuine current of creative magical consciousness.

Their synchron­ icity is resumed beneath the symbol of the Bee which is the vehicle of Sekhet. 6 It is the symbol of sweetness (honey), a lunar glyph pertaining to the rapture associated with the process of creation. Lunar honey is generated by the perfect alignment of the Mouth and the Eye in inner vision. The symbolism is partially explained in the 'secret comment' writ­ ten by Crowley for Liber Agape, which contains a quotation of the biblical verse: 'What is sweeter'than honey? " The symbols, translated into the language of sexual alchemy, are the veils of a magical formula that has in recent years become a matter of general know­ ledge, owing to the publication of certain writings by Aleister Crowley originally reserved for initiates of his esoteric organ­ izations.

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