Leonardo Da Vinci - Artist, Scientist, Inventor by Simona Cremante PDF

By Simona Cremante

This can be a stunningly illustrated survey of Leonardo (1452-1519) as artist, scientist, and inventor. This engrossing learn of the guy who painted the «Mona Lisa», was once a scholar of anatomy, and inventor of machines of warfare, can't fail to stir the curiosity and mind's eye because it identifies the archetype of the «Renaissance guy» whose countless interest was once equalled by means of his fantastic ability.As a painter, Leonardos «Mona Lisa» and «The final Supper» occupy designated positions on this planet of paintings, his «Vitruvian guy» is a world icon. As scientist and inventor, his rules have been drastically prior to his time. He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, he experimented with solar energy, a calculator, invented the double hull and defined a thought of plate tectonics...the record is nearly endless.This really good new quantity will entice all Leonardo aficionados, new or previous. In 1964, by way of Decree of the President of Italy, Giunti Editore used to be entrusted with the duty of the modifying and the facsimile copy of the entire Codices and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Giunti Editore has in view that turn into a pre-eminent writer of Leonardos works with a list of worldwide recognized authors, editors, and illustrated books - a serious choice of that are now being made to be had in English.

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