New PDF release: Liberty Is No War on Women

By Carrie Lukas, Sabrina Schaeffer

The Left has accused supporters of restricted executive of waging a “War on Women.” In Liberty is not any struggle on ladies, Lukas and Schaeffer take this cost aside. They reveal that liberals’ recipe for ever-bigger govt backfires on girls by means of eroding chance and real monetary defense, and clarify how returning strength to the folks is the genuine key to women’s freedom. As Lukas and Schaeffer finish, the “War on girls” rhetoric is essentially insulting to self sufficient ladies and may be soundly rejected through all american citizens.

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Adding to Our Government Debt: ObamaCare was sold to Americans as a means to reduce government debt, but Americans should be warned that ultimately, over the long-run, this program is almost certain to add to our debt burden. 7 trillion between 20122022 on ObamaCare's many programs and provisions. That 56 • .. ~~is No War on Women spending is supposed to be offset by a trillion dollars in new taxes, and $700 billion in cuts to Medicare. 52 Squeezing that much from the Medicare program, absent structural reform, at a time when millions of seniors will be joining Medicare will be a painful, if not impossible, challenge.

Tanning salon patrons will be hit with a 10 percent tax. 5 percent of total gross income to 10 percent-a change that will affect an estimated 10 million people. Most notably, PPACA imposes a tax (or penalty) on any person who fails to purchase health insurance. 5 percent of a person's income, whichever is higher. • Raising Taxes on Business and Discouraging Employment: Businesses are also hit by numerous new taxes and additional burdens, some of which will directly discourage employment creation.

Generous compensation packages therefore become a win-win for government workers and favored politicians, while the big losers are taxpayers who have to pay the bill. Of course, it isn't just government employees who benefit from these corrupt political relationships. Politicians work hard to steer taxpayer money to private-sector unions as well. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (commonly referred to as "The Stimulus"), for example, empowered government officials to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on pet infrastructure and pork projects, an overwhelming number of which were contracted to union shops and workers.

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