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Helman gestured for the lights to be dimmed and the three dimensional projector turned on. The air shimmered with a violent glow of color. "You can see the extent of the tumor. " Someone in the back gave a low whistle. "That's one nasty sonofabitch," came a murmur of appreciation from the audience. Vincent glanced up from his papers. Suddenly, he was inside the patient's brain. Her optic pathway shimmered in yellow, the hypothalamic nuclei and limbic system in blue. And, in the sickly sweet purple of spilled Kool-Aid, the tumor sprawled across the vital areas that controlled emotions, language, memory--in short, everything that made Grace Moran human.

CHAPTER 5 Vital Signs Alex pushed at the wheels, struggling to pivot his chair in the narrow hallway. By the time he was turned around, Kat was in a full grand mal seizure. Her arms and legs banged against the empty lockers, creating a clashing crashing noise like dueling reggae drums. He sucked in his oxygen, tried to find the strength to leave his chair and help his friend. Then Grace was there. And, he saw with approval, she knew exactly what to do. She'd gathered Kat's bouncing head into her lap, letting the arms and legs go where they would.

She'd been watching, waiting four long years for something to believe in. This was the tumor's gift. Allowing her to remember Jimmy with hope instead of terror and despair. To reunite her with her love. To prepare her for death. It was a gift she was unwilling to relinquish. The tumor could have her body--she was done with it. The very first time Grace met Jimmy he'd rescued her. Leave it to him to find a way to return from the dead and save her once more. She took a deep breath, reveling in the musk of Jimmy's sweat and Old Spice deodorant.

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