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By Dru C. Gladney

Majorities are made, now not born. This booklet argues that there aren't any natural majorities within the Asia-Pacific sector, greatly outlined, nor within the West. Numerically, ethnically, politically, and culturally, societies make and mark their majorities below particular ancient, political, and social situations. This place demanding situations Samuel Huntington’s influential thesis that civilizations are composed of kind of homogeneous cultures, suggesting as an alternative that tradition is as malleable because the politics that informs it.The fourteen members to this quantity argue that emphasis on minority/majority rights relies on uncritically authorised rules of purity, numerical superiority, and social consensus. Emphases upon multiculturalism can develop into methods of overlaying severe political, ethnic, and sophistication alterations purely when it comes to cultural distinction, and affirmative-action regulations can isolate, establish, and stigmatize minorities as frequently as they homogenize, unify, and naturalize majorities.This publication analyzes how minorities are made and marked throughout cultural, nearby, and nationwide barriers from Hawai‘i to Turkey, a quarter that encompasses terribly different populations and political advancements and that's usually considered as composed of particularly homogeneous majorities.This quantity info discourses of majority and minority, permitting exploration of a few questions of extra common difficulty within the humanities and social sciences, together with: How does one turn into formally “ethnic” in lots of states in Asia? How are understandings of majority and minority cultures created and formed in particular political and old contexts? How does the kingdom form the way in which humans examine themselves? How do humans face up to, remodel, and acceptable those professional representations?

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The hisabetsu burakumin have remained mostly endogamous, due to intense prejudice on the part of the non-burakumin. The most common feature of prejudice against the hisabetsu burakumin is the attribution of "uncleanliness" (Donoghue I966: I38). The Japanese government has made some effort to provide them with special funds for housing and 43 The Ainu The Ainu are a group of people in northern Japan whose traditional life was based upon a hunting-fishing and plant-gathering economy. Although only about eighteen thousand of the Ainu now live in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, this population was much larger in the past and their homeland included at least southern Sakhalin, the Kurile Islands, northern parts of Honshii (the main island of Japan), and adjacent areas.

At a country kut, such as I described in the opening chapter of Shamans, Housewives, and Other Restless Spirits (1985), the spirits give authority and humor to things already known among the community, to sentiments and family stories that clients, neighbors, and kin may have already revealed to the shamans before the start of the ritual (c. Choi 1989; Kendall 1977). These kut are about life as women live it, with tears and laughter. In contemporary Korea the ground has shifted, and clients living in anonymous apartment blocks hold their kut in the more private settings of isolated rented shrines, far removed from their neighbors and often with no additional kinswomen in attendance.

As on similar occasions, the stage relegated the spectators to the role of a passive audience while a small group of women from the association, all wearing identical Korean dresses, received the gods' divinations and bowed in unison. S The sense of separation, of watching rather than doing, was enhanced by the presence of a loud-voiced man with a microphone who announced each segment, explained its significance, named the participating shamans, and sometimes offered running commentary which, in the climactic moments of a shaman's balancing on knife blades, resembled the frenzied pitch of a football announcer.

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