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By Thomas A. Jefferson, Marc A. Webber, Robert L. Pitman

With insurance on the entire marine mammals of the area, authors Jefferson, Webber and Pitman have created a ordinary consultant to spot marine mammals alive in nature (at sea or at the beach), lifeless specimens "in hand”, and in addition to spot marine mammals according to positive factors of the cranium.

This convenient consultant offers marine biologists and lay individuals with particular descriptions of diagnostic good points, illustrations of exterior visual appeal, attractive photos, dichotomous keys, and extra. complete colour illustrations and bright photos of each residing marine mammal species are included, in addition to unique maps exhibiting a number of info.

For readers who hope extra session, the authors have incorporated a listing of literature references on the finish of every species account. For an superior figuring out of habitation, this advisor additionally contains recognizable geographic varieties defined individually with colourful work and images. All of those crucial instruments supplied make Marine Mammals of the realm the main particular and authoritative consultant to be had!

* includes excellent photos of each species of marine mammal for actual identification.

* Authors' collective adventure provides as much as eighty years, and feature noticeable the majority of the species and distinct geographic varieties defined within the guide.

* offers the main targeted and anatomically exact illustrations presently available.

* specified emphasis is put on the id of species in "problem groups,” reminiscent of the beaked whales, long-beaked oceanic dolphin and southern fur seals.

* encompasses a unique record of resources for additional information in the back of the booklet.

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Distribution Surprisingly, for such a large and once commercially-important animal, the overall range and distribution of the fin whale is not well-known. Fin whales inhabit primarily oceanic waters of both hemispheres. They are cosmopolitan, inhabiting all major oceans. When they are seen near shore, it is most commonly where deep water approaches the coast. Fin whales can be seen in tropical, temperate, and polar zones of all oceans. Most populations are apparently migratory (a general poleward shift for feeding in the summer and a shift towards the tropics for breeding in the winter), but their movements are complex and do not follow a simple pattern.

5 cm) and blubber (up to 28 cm)layers. Species characteristics Bowhead whales superPredominantly black in color (although some lighterficially resemble their close relatives, the right whales. colored animals are occasionally seen), bowheads have They are extremely rotund overall, but usually have a disvarying amounts of white beneath, usually showing tinct "neck" region. The head is large (up to two-fifths dorsally as a white patch at the front of the lower jaw. of the body length); the upper jaw is arched (thus the This patch often has several dark gray to black spots, name, bowhead) and narrow when viewed from above.

2001a,b; Kenney 2002; Payne et al. 1990; Rosenbaum et al. 2000. Cetaceans 37 Bowhead Whale---Balaena mysticetus Linnaeus, 175 8 Adult There is a prominent muscular bulge in the blowhole area (sometimes called the "crown" or "stack" by whalers), with a distinct depression behind. -balecorner of the mouth. There is no dorsal fin or ridge, and ine du Groenland. the back is very broad and smooth. The flippers are large and fan-shaped, and have blunt tips. The flukes are wide Order Cetacea, Suborder Taxonomic information (2-6 m across) and tapered toward the tips, with smooth Mysticeti, Family Balaenidae.

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