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By Fuyumi Soryo

Kira is a lonesome waif who cares extra approximately her paintings than the rest. Rei is an conceited, rebellious and difficult playboy who wears his delinquency like a badge. whilst those opposites locate one another, the sparks fly, yet additionally they allure a few undesirable realization.

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Older military men are less willing to fight with the new pikemen, leaving them with young untried leaders or mercenary captains. MC: 10 Spahis (Professional) Identification: Livery embossed with the golden helmet of Koth. Equipment: Koth cannot yet afford to equip its pikemen with heavy armour. Instead, they must make do with leather jerkins and steel caps. In addition to their pike they carry an arming sword as a back-up weapon. Royal Cavalry (Professional) The Royal Cavalry contains the greatest warriors in all of Koth.

Armies Numbers: Koth’s king can call up six units of pikemen. Of these, two are available for immediate deployment. The other four work in garrisons or patrol the vast meadowlands. Equipment: Each mercenary carries a quiver with 40 arrows and a good Shemite bow. They wear mail shirts and have steel caps under their turbans. Shemite mercenaries wield hawk-pommelled scimitars. The material the hawk pommel is made of displays the prowess of the mercenary. A bronze hawk indicates 20 slayings in war, while a silver hawk shows 50 confirmed kills.

After the first five rounds of melee combat, or the first round of narrative combat, assume the shields are destroyed in the fighting. Veteran Khitan Engineers (Professionals) The Khitai engineers are the only military unit to receive significant funds from the emperor’s court. They are a highly skilled, dedicated group of scholars (kept so by the threats of their government) who use remarkable war machines to help turn the tide of battle. Most are also skilled alchemists willing to create various kinds of fire weapons for their personal defence.

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