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By Mary K. Greer

<span style="color: #000000;">Drawing on approximately 40 years of tarot adventure, Mary okay. Greer has built a brand new energizing approach-made up of twenty-one stimulating techniques-to interpret or deepen your knowing of every card. simply because the twenty-one letters of the alphabet may be mixed to shape billions of phrases, Greer's twenty-one tools can be utilized in any mix for gaining remarkable new insights and views. </span>

<span style="color: #000000;">Emphasizing either conventional and private equipment of interpretation, Greer's options contain storytelling, sketching, symbols, metaphors, dialogues, performing, and different innovative workouts. Designed to lead to interplay, transformation, and empowerment, this twenty-one-pronged method of tarot can assist readers extend regular interpretations and evolve new methods of connecting to the playing cards.

Winner of the Coalition of Visionary assets Award for most sensible Divination publication

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Knowing these Arcana he or she may call forth and summon the All-Mother and the 78 Beware! For some in knowing of Thee shall seek to persecute and destroy Thee. Therefore, grow wiser and learn deceit in Thy cunning. Behind a veil of seeming hide. All Entity that aspires beyond its Present State of Being shall attain! THE WHEEL OF EIGHT SPOKES: CURRICULUM SABBATI I, Alogos Dhu'l-qarnen, True Son of Arte and Perfect Magister, do hereby give forth the Curriculum of the Arcane Rite of Our Cultus, it being the Prototypal Rite of all Magick, call'd 'The Sabbat of the Witches':THE FIRST ACT: Let the Body of Corporeality be purified through fasting and through abstinence.

I go forth upon the Point and upon the Paths of the Twenty-Second Holy Letter:Becomest I the Flesh of the Spell that I pronounce. Becomest I Magick Entire. I go forth upon and betwixt the Twenty-Two Points and the Four Hundred and Eighty-Four Pathways of the One Sigil. Becomest I the Ancient One of Spirit. AAITH, BHVE, GHERYN, DIEW, HER, WEIK, ZSA-YM, GNO, TEU, IUG-KA, KHVA, HLA-UL, MEIR-KRUS, NEK-AA, SI AH, PEUREITH-A, XOH-IR, TZA-XO, QER, RTHA, SER, ZOT. ZOT-A. FIAT HEKA! 70 THE VISION OF T H E MAP In Cycles of Orbit and Revolution, the God's Round Dance of Nature's Whole, where Chaos and Order are ever from the Truth astray; where, betwixt Star and Stone and Spirit spun, a Web a Complex Net Incalculable, of Vast Unreason 'd Geometry: the Pulsing Veins of Aether hung on Primal Man's Divinity.

Austere and unmoving, as the Great Cat of Sphinx's grace. Charm'd by flames and fumes arising, by chanted calls and runes entranced, as though beguiled by the Serpent's Tongue. Hear ye the Oracle of Ancient Spirit, spoken by the Daughter of her Voice:I am the Time-wrack 'd Tree of the Desert. Like unto a vast and splintered spine, my Silhouette rears to gore the Heavens; in scarlet lightnings and amidst the Star-spated fires, I thrive the Naked Icon of all Desire! Caress ye mine oil-anointed girth, and upon my boughs, hang ye the Offerings of Thy Heart: wreaths of sweet flowers and of vines with tendrils coil'd about such bones as from Thy Rites shall linger.

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