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Add a small V to the front. At the back, draw three lines to finish the hull. 28 3 Follow the baselines to draw two masts. Add a third set of lines to the front. Use three angled lines to make a large sail on the main mast. Repeat this on the front mast. 4 Draw a triangle at the top of each mast. Add two angled lines and a curved line to each. Make three jib sails at the front of the ship, using three curved lines for each sail. Fast Fact . . pirates often beached their ships to clean the hulls.

Whatever your favorite ship or airplane, you’ll soon be drawing these vehicles like a pro with the help of this fun book. Just follow the steps and you’ll have a great-looking transporter before you know it. Fact-filled descriptions accompany the drawings, so you can learn all about planes and boats. You’ll also find tips on adding details to your drawing-like a banner for your biplane or a skull and crossbones for your pirate ship. So get out some paper and grab a pencil. Then get ready, get set, and get drawing!

6 Draw ropes among the sails: connect the tip of the jib to the front mast. Draw a horizontal line under each top sail. Make an X shape between the masts. g n i n war g fla The familiar pirate flag, with its image of a skull and crossbones, is called the Jolly Roger. Draw a skull and crossbones! 30 A b c try this Use darker colors to add shading to your ship. 7 Now it’s time to color your pirate ship! html Coppendale, Jean. Pirates and Ships: Explore Inside. Philadelphia: Running Press Kids, 2005.

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