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By Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov Hans Colonius

Contents: A.A.J. Marley, Foreword. E.N. Dzhafarov, H. Colonius, typical Minimality: A basic legislations of Discrimination. E.N. Dzhafarov, H. Colonius, Reconstructing Distances between items From Their Discriminability. R.D. Luce, R. Steingrimsson, international Psychophysical Judgments of depth: precis of a concept and Experiments. J. Zhang, Referential Duality and Representational Duality within the Scaling of Multidimensional and Infinite-Dimensional Stimulus area. J.D. Balakrishnan, aim research of type habit: functions to Scaling. J.T. Townsend, J. Aisbett, J. Busemeyer, A. Assadi, basic acceptance conception and method for Dimensional Independence on uncomplicated Cognitive Manifolds.

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2004). Dual scaling of comparison and reference stimuli in multidimensional psychological space. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 48, 409—424. , & Colonius, H. (2000). Testing a new theory of Fechnerian scaling: The case of auditory intensity discrimination. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 108, 2596. Zinnes, J. , & MacKay, D. B. (1983). Probabilistic multidimensional scaling: Complete and incomplete data. Psychometrika, 48, 27—48. 2 Reconstructing Distances Among Objects from Their Discriminability Ehtibar N.

The selective attribution of Px and Qy to x and y; respectively, is understood in the meaning explicated in Dzhafarov (2003c): one can find mutually independent random entities C; C1 ; C2 ; whose distributions do not depend on either x or y; such that Px = ¼ (x; C; C1 ) ; Qy = µ (y; C; C2 ) ; (3) where ¼; µ are some measurable functions. In other words, Px and Qy depend on x and y selectively, and their stochastic interdependence is due to a common source of variability, C. The latter may represent, for example, random fluctuations in the arousal or attention level, or in receptive fields’ sensitivity profiles.

1996). Separability and independence of dimensions within the same-dierent judgment task. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 40, 318— 341. 46 Dzhafarov and Colonius Thurstone, L. L. (1927a). Psychophysical analysis. American Journal of Psychology, 38, 368—389. Thurstone, L. L. (1927b). A law of comparative judgments. Psychological Review, 34, 273—286. Wish, M. (1967). A model for the perception of Morse code-like signals. Human Factors, 9, 529—540. Zhang, J. (2004). Dual scaling of comparison and reference stimuli in multidimensional psychological space.

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