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By Donald E. Knuth

The is the fourth quantity in a five-volume sequence on desktops and Typesetting, all authored by way of Donald E. Knuth.

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The function get avail returns a pointer to a new one-word node whose link field is null. However, METAFONT will halt if there is no more room left. function get avail : pointer ; { single-word node allocation } var p: pointer ; { the new node being got } begin p ← avail ; { get top location in the avail stack } if p = null then avail ← link (avail ) { and pop it off } else if mem end < mem max then { or go into virgin territory } begin incr (mem end ); p ← mem end ; end else begin decr (hi mem min ); p ← hi mem min ; if hi mem min ≤ lo mem max then begin runaway ; { if memory is exhausted, display possible runaway text } overflow ("main memory size", mem max + 1 − mem min ); { quit; all one-word nodes are busy } end; end; link (p) ← null ; { provide an oft-desired initialization of the new node } stat incr (dyn used ); tats { maintain statistics } get avail ← p; end; 164.

Handle non-positive logarithm 134 ≡ begin print err ("Logarithm of "); print scaled (x); print (" has been replaced by 0"); help2 ("Since I don´t take logs of non−positive numbers,") ("I´m zeroing this one. "); error ; m log ← 0; end This code is used in section 132. §135 METAFONT PART 8: ALGEBRAIC AND TRANSCENDENTAL FUNCTIONS 51 135. Conversely, the exponential routine calculates exp(x/28 ), when x is scaled . The result is an integer approximation to 216 exp(x/224 ), when x is regarded as an integer.

Dk−1 ), where 0 ≤ k ≤ 17. The digit di is given in dig [i], and the calculation produces a correctly rounded result. function round decimals (k : small number ): scaled ; { converts a decimal fraction } var a: integer ; { the accumulator } begin a ← 0; while k > 0 do begin decr (k); a ← (a + dig [k] ∗ two ) div 10; end; round decimals ← half (a + 1); end; §103 METAFONT PART 7: ARITHMETIC WITH SCALED NUMBERS 39 103. Conversely, here is a procedure analogous to print int . If the output of this procedure is subsequently read by METAFONT and converted by the round decimals routine above, it turns out that the original value will be reproduced exactly.

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