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By Louay M. Chamra, Pedro J. Mago

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The fuel cell “stack” consists of layers of the cathode, Prime Movers 27 anode, and electrolyte mentioned earlier. A power conditioner converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the fuel cell into alternating current (AC) electricity at the appropriate voltage and frequency. Fuel cells are categorized by the electrolyte used to transport ions between the cathode and the anode (or vise versa). Fuel cell technologies include molten carbonate (MCFC), alkaline (AFC), proton exchange membrane (PEMFC), solid oxide (SOFC), direct methanol (DMFC), and phosphoric acid (PAFC).

In the absorber, the refrigerant vapor is dissolved in an absorbent and rejects the heat of condensation and the heat of mixing to form a liquid solution. The refrigerant/absorbent solution is then pumped to the condenser pressure and passed to the generator. In the generator, heat is added to the refrigerant/absorbent solution to vaporize the refrigerant, removing the refrigerant from the solution. The liquid absorbent has a higher boiling temperature than the refrigerant and, therefore, stays in the liquid form.

Chamra and Pedro J. Mago When several tubes are placed inside a shell, the classical single-pass shelland-tube heat arrangement results. A schematic of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger with one shell pass and one tube pass is illustrated in Figure 21. Baffles are often placed inside a shell-and-tube heat exchanger to promote higher heat transfer rates and increase the effectiveness of the heat exchanger. Figure 18. Main Types of Transmural Recuperators with Fluids in Single-phase. Figure 19. Temperature-area Diagram of Parallel and Counterflow Arrangements.

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