Jean Berthier's Micro-Drops and Digital Microfluidics PDF

By Jean Berthier

In this 2d variation of Micro-Drops and electronic Microfluidics, Jean Berthier explores the basics and purposes of electronic microfluidics, permitting engineers and scientists to layout this significant permitting know-how into units and harness the massive power of electronic microfluidics in trying out and knowledge collection.

This publication describes the latest advancements in electronic microfluidics, with a particular specialize in the computational, theoretical and experimental research of microdrops.

Unique in its emphasis on electronic microfluidics and with different purposes starting from drug supply to point-of-care diagnostic chips, natural synthesis to microreactors, Micro-Drops and electronic Microfluidics meets the wishes of audiences around the fields of bioengineering and biotechnology, and electric and chemical engineering.

  • Authoritative reporting at the newest alterations in microfluidic technology, the place microscopic liquid volumes are dealt with as ""microdrops"" and individually from ""nanodrops."
  • A methodical exam of the way liquid microdrops behave within the complicated geometries of contemporary miniaturized platforms and have interaction with assorted morphological (micro-fabricated, textured) sturdy substrates
  • A thorough clarification of ways capillary forces act on liquid interfaces in touch with micro-fabricated surfaces
  • Analysis of the way droplets could be manipulated, dealt with, or transported utilizing electrical fields (electrowetting), acoustic actuation (surface acoustic waves), or through a provider liquid (microflow)
  • A clean standpoint at the way forward for microfluidics

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46). Their hydrophobic legs do not penetrate the water surface and their weight is balanced by the surface tension force. , can walk inclined water surface. 46 Left: capillary forces make the water surface resist the weight of an insect. Right: an insect walking up a meniscus [33] (photo courtesy David Hu). 47 Film of water between two glass plates. explanation of this phenomenon was recently given by Hu et al. [33] and refers to complex interface deformation under capillary forces. In the domain of microfluidics, capillary forces are predominant; some examples of the action of capillary forces are given in the following sections.

For instance, when using a microscope to observe objects in a small volume of liquid deposited on a plate and maintained by a secondary glass plate, it is very difficult to separate the plates. This situation is schematized in Fig. 47. In the first place, it is observed that the meniscus has a round shape (in order to minimize the free energy). Let us write Laplace’s law at the free interface. The first (horizontal) radius of curvature is approximately R. The second (vertical) radius of curvature, shown in Fig.

However, it represents a force that is exerted tangentially to the interface. Surface tension can be looked at as a force per unit length. This can be directly seen from its unit. But it may be interesting to give a more physical feeling by making a very simple experiment (Fig. 39) [24]. Take a solid frame and a solid tube that can roll on this frame. If we form a liquid film of soap between the frame and the tube—by plunging one side of the structure in a water-soap solution, the tube starts to move towards the region where there is a liquid film.

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