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By Heinz R. Trechsel

This quantity presents vital info and acceptable info in terms of moisture difficulties in constructions; their analysis, prevention, and rehabilitation. It offers the reader details on easy methods to layout and preserve moisture-resistant structures and the way to enquire and proper moisutre difficulties in present constructions.

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Fourteen of the 28 models reviewed belong to this type; these are MATCH, LTMB, CHEoH, TONY, V30, V320, WFTK, WUFIZ, JOKE, COND, PI220A, VADAU, FUKT74:6, and MOIST. Type 5. Steady state or transient heat conduction and air transport are modeled. Material properties are held constant. The two transport processes are linked through heat capacity and stack effect. The models NatKon, WISH-3D, and ANHCONP belong to this type. Type 6. , uncoupled). Material properties are held constant. However, the processes are linked through sorption isotherm/saturation water vapor pressure, latent heat, heat capacity, and stack effect.

Transient, coupled conductive and convective heat and vapor transports are modeled. org CHAPTER 2--MODELING HEAT, AIR, AND MOISTURE TRANSPORT TABLE l--Heat, air, and moisture transport models reviewed by Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Name IEA Annex XXIV. Organizationand Country Ot,m-Dtu~SIONALHEATANDMoxs'rue~TRANSPORTMODELS Wand KU-Leuven, LB, Belgium Glasta Physibel,Belgium HAMPI University of Saskatchewan. Canada M A T C H Technical University, Denmark LTMB INSA, Dep Genie Civil, France V30 CSTB, France WFTK Fraunhofer Institute fOr Bauphysik, Germany JOKE TU-Cottbus, Germany C O N D O TU-Cottbus,Germany HYGRO TNO-Bouw,afdeling, BBI, Netherlands P 1200A SP, Sweden FKUT74:6 Gullfiber AB, Sweden BRECON2 BRE Scottish Laboratory, UK MOIST NIST, USA Two-DLMENSIONALHEATANDMOISTURETRANSPORTMODELS CHEoH Institut de Mecanique des Fluides, France TONY InStitut de Mecanique des Fluides, France V320 CSTB, France WUFIZ Fraunhofer Institute fOr Bauphysik, Germany 19 VADAU Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 15 16 17 18 20 21 Two-DIMENSIONALHEATANDAIRTRANSPORTMODELS NatKon KU-Leuven,LB, Belgium ANHCONP Lund University, Sweden THREE-DIMENSIONALHEATANDAIR TRANSPORTMODEL 22 W I S H - 3 D TNO-Bouw,afdeling BBI, Netherlands ONE-DIMENSIONALHEAT,AIRANDMOISTURETRANSPORTMODEL 23 WALLDRY CMHC,Canada Two-Dn~ENSlONALHEAT,AIRA~mMOISTURETRANSPORTMODELS 24 EMPTEDD TROW/CMHC,Canada 25 TCCC2d VTT, Finland/NRC Canada 26 TRATMO2 VTT,Finland THREE-DIMENSIONALHEAT,AIRANDMOIS~RETRANSPORTMODELS 27 Konvek KU-Leuven,LB, Belgium 28 WALLFEM CMHC,Canada/FSEC, USA erties are functions of moisture content and/or temperature.

If that moisture remains at that location for some period during the heating season, the temperature field within the cavity may favor 32 MANUAL ON MOISTURE CONTROL IN BUILDINGS 15 ol 0 0 , I , , I 5 10 15 20 25 30 ONE YEAR,TWO WEEKS INTERVALSSTARTINGJULY 3 FIG. 2 0 ~ T h e effect of exfiltration airflow rates on the total moisture absorption in the structure in climatic conditions of Sodankyltl, Finland. chemical or biological processes that degrade the performance of the component in the wall assembly.

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