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By Eduard H. Hovy (auth.), Gerard Kempen (eds.)

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This faith is, of course, not justified: In the case of Item 4, for which the least desirable possibility is in fact realized, the resulting pragmatic interpretation is inaccurate. Since the vague comment about previous work experience (Item 1) is inconsistent with the projected objectivity, Imp on second thought decides not to produce it at all, substituting the more precise comment of Situation 1. 5 General issues raised The sort of distinction made here between actual and projected bias is in principle applicable to all of the other parameters that contribute to the selection of comments.

2 Characteristic behavior A consequence of these assumptions is that the Informant no longer takes it for granted that she can manipulate the impressions of the Evaluator quite as easily as in Situation 2. For example, if our job applicant chooses to remain vague (or to say nothing at all) about a particular item, she will recognize that the interviewer will not continue to entertain the possibility that she rates especially high on that item. In some cases, in fact, her vagueness may be interpreted so negatively that it will gain her nothing at all.

The most important consequence of a discrepancy between the actual and the projected bias is that the possibility actually realized can be ruled out in the course of pragmatic interpretation. This happens in those cases in which an Informant with the projected bias would clearly prefer some comment different from the one actually made. 4 Examples of the system's behavior In the right-hand column of Figure 4, we can compare the pragmatic interpretations expected in this situation with those of the previous situation.

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