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By A. Kluwick

The learn of fabrics which show new and unconventional homes is of crucial value for the devel- opment of complex and subtle applied sciences in lots of fields of engineering technological know-how. during this connection there was a swiftly turning out to be curiosity in genuine fluid results on wave phenomena some time past few years. A sought after instance is equipped through Bethe-Zel'dovich-Thompson (BZT) fluids that have the distinguishing characteristic that they convey damaging nonlinearity over a finite diversity of temperature and pressures within the natural vapour section. in spite of the fact that, section flows with and with out part switch are a fair richer resource of recent unforeseen and formerly concept most unlikely phenomena. issues coated through this quantity contain waves in gases close to the serious aspect, waves in retrograde fluids, temperature waves in superfluid helium and density waves in suspensions of debris in drinks. sincerely, the purpose of a few of the contributions is twofold. First, they're meant to supply scientists and engineers operating in those and similar components with an outline of assorted new actual phenomena as for instance enlargement shocks, sonic shocks, surprise splitting, evaporation and liquafaction shocks and the experimental suggestions had to examine those phenomena. moment, an try is made to debate elements in their mathematical modeling with particular emphasis on houses which those phenomena have in common.

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Since the same u-scaling is used at each x-station, the decay of the wave amplitude due to the preseucC' 33 Small-Amplitude of the acoustic boundary layer is clearly visible. Furthennore, since the fluid has positive nonlinearity, portions of the wave with u > 0 steepen and shocks form at x = Xs ~ 2. 75. e. a slope discontinuity near the pressure minimum and a smooth region of positive excess pressure is obtained. Fig. 17 shows how the evolution of the wave train is changed if the medium under consideration has negative nonlinearity.

T' _,·. ;id,· 26 A. KJuwick the precursor approaches a linear sawtooth. In Fig. 13 the length of the pulse was chosen such that the sonic shock terminates before it interacts with the trailing shock. If the length/amplitude of the pulse is sufficiently small/large both shocks will collide as in the case of planar waves discussed earlier. In both cases, however, the trailing shock extends up to x = oo. Since the velocity disturbances decay as x - t oo the quadratic term in equ. 14) eventually dominates over the cubic term thus leading to the :i:- 1 (ln:i:)- 112 decay law of the classical theory, provided f' -=/= 0.

B-, _, __ . 13) Most interesting, it is found that the coefficient fJ of the diffusive term may change sign. A similar conclusion was reached by Kluwick [46], Kurdynomov and Sergeev [4 7] and Crighton [48] who studied voidage waves governed by the Burgers-Korteweg de Vries equation which holds if the particle concentration a 0 is sufficiently far from the value a; characterizing the inflexion point of the drift flux curve. 13) describing waves of constant form have been discussed briefly by Kluwick [42].

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