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By Edwige Godlewski

This paintings is dedicated to the idea and approximation of nonlinear hyper­ bolic platforms of conservation legislation in a single or area variables. It follows at once a prior e-book on hyperbolic platforms of conservation legislation through an analogous authors, and we will make widespread references to Godlewski and Raviart (1991) (hereafter famous G. R. ), even though the current quantity should be learn independently. This prior book, except a primary chap­ ter, specially lined the scalar case. therefore, we will aspect the following neither the mathematical concept of multidimensional scalar conservation legislation nor their approximation within the one-dimensional case by way of finite-difference con­ servative schemes, either one of that have been taken care of in G. R. , yet we will generally contemplate platforms. the idea for platforms is in reality even more tough and never in any respect accomplished. This explains why we will customarily be aware of a few theoretical features which are wanted within the purposes, comparable to the answer of the Riemann challenge, with occasional insights into extra refined difficulties. the current booklet is split into six chapters, together with an introductory bankruptcy. For the reader's comfort, we will resume during this creation the notions which are important for a self-sufficient figuring out of this booklet -the major definitions of hyperbolicity, susceptible options, and entropy­ current the sensible examples that would be completely built within the following chapters, and keep in mind the most effects in regards to the scalar case.

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K of W, which are called "characteristic variables". 3 = (p + p c u) 2 2c p , which will be used in numerical schemes. D Remark 2. 2. We can also write the system in a still different nonconservative form using the "primitive" variables (p, u, p) T. The mapping cp (p,u,p)T- (p,pu,pe)T is one-to-one, with, for a 1-law p = (T -l)pe:, Dcp = ( ~ ~ u2 2 pu ~ ) , I (1·-I) and 0 .! X3 = u + c can be chosen as 3. 28); one should take the variables (r, u, p), r = ~ instead, in order to obtain the same jump conditions.

Hence, we obtain v>. 2 (v) = ( - p"(v) 2v'0p'(v) ) 42 I. A2(vf r2(v) = - p"(v) 2 -p'(v) yCi1{Vj > 0, we obtain that the two characteristic fields are genuinely nonlinear. 1). Indeed, let(} be a C 1 diffeomorphism of an open subset 1J c JRP onto n. 12) av + B(v) ax = 0 with B(v) = ( DO(v)) - 1 A(O(v)) DO(v). Denote by /Lk(v) and sk(v), 1 ::; k ::; p, the eigenvalues and the corresponding right eigenvectors of the p x p matrix B(v) B(v)sk(v) = /Lk(v)sk(v). k(O(v))( DO(v)) -\k(O(v)) = /Lk(v)sk(v).

4. , Chapter II, Section 3). 3. 3 for the definition). We refer for instance to Murat (1978), Tartar (1979, 1983), DiPerna (1983a, 1983b), Serre (1987a), Chen (1992). 2) is necessarily unique. 4 below. The conjecture is still widely open in the case of systems even in one dimension (d = 1, p ~ 2). 3) in the case of a "convex" system and for nearby states. ) The Riemann problem is involved in many approximation 3. Entropy solutions 33 schemes, which justifies a thorough study of both the theoretical aspects and some specific examples (such as the Euler system in Chapter II).

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