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Going to the movies (act) postpones (contingency relationship) your mulling over your unhappy love life (a learned, social aversive) . Why isn't the flight to the movie an instance of a reinforcement procedure based on the removal of your depressed thoughts (learned aversives)? Because you head for the movies right after you finish the one o'clock lecture - before you have a chance to suffer any more . At that point, you're avoiding, or preventing the occurrence of, the learned aversive before it gets to you again ; you're not removing it once it's there .

26 SECTION 1 : BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS BEHAVIORAL CONTINGENCY RELATIONSHIPS Rewards and aversives relate to our actions in three basic ways : they can be presented, removed, and prevented . These relationships affect the way we act . We call them behavioral contingency relationships . Behavioral contingency relationship : a causal relation between a response and a reward or aversive . Let's do a brief overview of these basic contingency relationships : the presenting, removal, and preventing relationships .

Of course it will . Finally, let's look at the preventing relationships, ones where our actions prevent the removal of a reward or the presentation of an aversive . For instance, I'm avoiding the loss of your attention every time I say our society really is sick, because when I don't talk that way you stop paying attention to me . Saying the society is sick (act) prevents the removal (contingency relationship) of your attention (reward) . Is that why I'm sounding more and more like a prophet of doom?

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