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By A. -Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul (auth.), A. -Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul, Michael A. Peters (eds.)

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Deleuze and Guattari strove for an art of inventing and creating new concepts. Rather than bringing things together under an existing concept, they were interested in relating variables according to new concepts to create productive connections (1995: 5). This approach allows our view of things to “move beyond experience so as to be able to think anew, rather than ‘standing apart’ from experience, … concepts must be creative or active rather than merely representative, descriptive or simplifying” (Stagoll, 2005: 51).

What characterises the origin and shaping of the Samoan world is a predisposition for things to unfold (māvae) into rampant diversity; periods of such growth are followed by periods of extreme order (tōfiga), during which responsibility is brought to bear on every element that was created: the task to organise, to group and to 28 A “PSYCHEDELIC METHOD” facilitate relations. Vā, the Samoan concept of space,13 is an image of this ‘toing and froing’ from divergence/divarication to the orderly/unitary, from the smooth to the striated, from lines of flight to knots and entanglement.

UNAWARE THAT I WAS WALKING BACKWARDS1 INTERROGATING MY HISTORY AS IF IT WERE A PRESENT (AN INTRODUCTION) Returning to university as an older student is a paradoxical experience: my 23 years out of university presumed knowledge of experience, and yet it was this very knowledge that initially inhibited my theorising anew the experience that produced this knowledge. Such a paradox cannot be played out in private; every lecture, every tutorial, every conversation presents itself as an opportunity to test the relevance of such knowledge, an experience that not only led to a consciousness of my theoretical limits but also made me aware of how an older student’s experience can set him apart in the company of a younger cohort.

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